The Scale


The scales are perfectly balanced.

The world is a balance.

Just like the Earth itself is a balance

While a volcano erupts with boiling magma, there's an ocean out there filled with calmness

And while a beautiful baby boy is born, the suffering of another with seventy more years of life in their soul is quelled by the relief of departure

And while a sloth ambles upside down under the treetops of a lush green forest, a cheetah races on the bare plain of a savannah, filling her lungs with the fresh air of exhiliration

I myself am a balance

While I feel like my soul has left because she did not accept it when I offered to place it under her control

My soul is elated by the ability to move forward and the possibility of a brighter future

And while I stub my toe on the table and shout profanities, I am soon embraced in the warm comfort of someone close to me

And while I am overflowing with energy for the second mile, soon I will thank the heavens for the loss of consciousness that is the door to dreams.

So you see, the scales are perfectly balanced.

The world is a balance.


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