Say Hello to Student #24876


Say hello to Student #24876

He'll be the one sitting quietly in the corner staring down at his blank paper

Student #24876 doesn't smile, they broke that long ago

He's been traumatized and victimized by the system that he's been forced to undergo

Student #24876 had hopes and dreams, but their long gone now

So instead, he sits with a sharpened number two pencil and a frown

You see, Student #24876 put his trust in those who were charged with his fragile mind

But in return they they handed him a letter grade and left him behind

He's been labeled as troubled , marked as a lost cause

Just another beautiful, creative soul dropped in the system's cracks and flaws

Student #24876 is all of us, all of us are him

Sitting in a class full of losers, in a system where one simply does not win.






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