Saving You

I wanna save you

It’s not my job but I wanna save you

I don’t know how to but I wanna save you

I can’t save you unless you want it

I know you don’t want it but I still have this raging urge

I’m constantly thinking of you when I see love quotes and songs

I replay our moments like my favorite love song

I always keep you in my prayers and hold you in my heart

I just want to save you

I don’t wanna be your girlfriend or your best friend

I just wanna save you

I see so much hurt in a person I know is good

I just wanna save you

I wish you allowed me the space and time so maybe I could heal you

I just wanna save you

You mean the world to me even though you do know

I love you with all my heart I wish for you to never be alone

I know I can’t speak to you or protect your heart

I just wanna save you

I want to set you free and protect you from the dark

I’ll shield and take all the wounds because you’ve had enough

You’re chasing your first high and hiding in the dark

You never healed the little you but a grown man grew

Oh baby please let me save you I just want to help

I know hurt people, hurt people but I want to help

I’m working on my healing and I’m doing pretty well

But I see you in denial can you please just scream out

I just wanna save you before it’s to late

That’s my deepest fear is not hearing you anymore

Knowing your soft skin and coffee eyes aren’t on this earth anymore would tear me apart

Jamarii please let me save you before it’s too dark

Times get rough and you hold it all

I just want to help and mend

M.A.I hope you’re doing well

And I hope you find peace

You can’t do it on your own

But you’ve had no one stay

I’m always here in the whispers you just can’t see

If you call I’ll fall just as fast so I can see

See your beautiful smile and all the gold about you

I know what you’re capable of but you need to heal first

A bombshell it will be if you don’t take care

Your liver is hurting and your lungs can not breath

I only ask you one thing,

M.A.please, let me save you, it was my last dying wish


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