Saved ( a captain o captain tale)

O captain my captain who sleeps with the tide
Who told tales of treachery and sweet siren cries
We've gone down with the ship
Sunken and buried
Why run away? When there was no hurry
Youd rock us along the shores till we'd found home
Lonely but still we were never alone
Drowning in waters you learned to control
O captain my captain take hold please take hold
Our flooring was cracked
The stern racked with holes
But still captain you stayed
And carried our toll
O captain my captain
A hero youll be
To all that you pass
To all even me
The journey was far
The waters were vast
But you sailed and you sailed
So far from our past
O captain my captain
How far we've now come
Home is insight
And every battle weve won
At last, at last
I know and now see
That you'll sail to another
And save them like me



Beautiful metaphors and subtle rhyming. An amazing poem.


Thank you. I appreciate the compliment

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