Seen as a player, but many timez I've been played

Ambitions for love and connection with others were indefintely laid.

As a youth of intellect my intentions were only to get paid

With the mind of hoodlem just to get laid

Been livin the life of a christian, since I've been saved Now these temptations can never worry me or stress my days

But then yet another problem occured I was so dissapointed I couldn't say it in words

Had a 4.75 higher den anyone ya know But overloaded by my own expectations, I started to choke

Wanted to play football, join three different clubs, homework only stressed me so I pushed it to the curb

Few weeks later got my first call home Failing one or two classes, what is really going on?

Realized I waz becoming just another statistic Thats not gone be me, I refuse to be predicted

People expect more out of me, it seems reasonable enough

But when my faith is really tested, it's just never enough

I never barely get by, but still I make it

Don't have a worry in the world, but sometimes I gotta fake it

People on earth can't judge me, just the one that made it

So if you wanna sell a comment, a deaf ear is what your compensated

Made plenty mistakes, keep track just fine I hope I repaid my debt cause this the last time

And if I ever strike out, the blame is time My side is true, but most of all it's mine

Take your own side today, no ones guarenteed a line You might be by yaself, but I always got God

Living with y'all for now, but when i'm gone I'm heading to the otherside Chillin in the heavens, resting on cloud 9

Until then, this my story and said all I had to say Remember to live above the false prophecies, never stray away He is the truth, the way, and the light wanting it all today

Join his side and he will lift ya spirit and give you new ways

Never leaving you alone, he's with you all the way

Welcome to your side on the high side, congratulations it begins today. 


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