Savagely Sincere


United States
38° 56' 7.4724" N, 90° 8' 24.4968" W

Sometimes I hope and pray
that before I die I help the world one way
I could slay world hunger by saving more food that we throw away
and stop wasting and put it on a cafeteria tray
My brain has grown accustomed to viewing in gray
because no matter who you are or you're religion, we're all the same
slavery's been abolished, but racism has to decay
Rest in peace to the Good Ole Boys and KKK
Hatred and judgment is how we betray the Christian religion that says to love he, she, they
Instead we frown upon and prey on the Muslim religion and gays
Makes me confused and angry how the world behaves
Pardon my mind it's in the wrong place but I had to get that off my chest
We as a people are a complete mess
I will not ever speak this way in person I confess
but I write this so my reader's are kept abreast
On our lack of success
And people wonder why as a nation we're oppressed
It's God's Test, Shaking his head because he's unimpressed
We're assessed, on how we act as birds inside a cuckoo's nest
unwelcomed guest, cause this bird is flying from east to west
To protest. stop me,I'm wearing a bulletproof vest
you will digest these words because this is my address
Sunday's best for he is always watching me and it's time for you to get dressed

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