Satisfaction in Pleasure

A state of allowing.

I like the idea of being pleased in all the ways that excite my senses.

Vibrant colors and beauty all around brings joy to my eyes and awe to my atmosphere.

The sound of water flowing soothes my entire Being no matter how far or near.

The creativity that has shaped the world we know inspires my mind and my heart to grow.

The resonance from a soulful tone brings shivers to my skin and deep love within my bones.

The joy of friends and family playing together pleases my soul in any weather.

The taste of ingredients blending as one stimulates my tongue with delicious fun.

The stories of life coming from a light heart lift my spirit like a work of art. 

The forgiveness and compassion unconditional love gives, 

provides me with the sense that the God within me Lives.

The desire for another to share this connection with, fills my heart with joy, fills my soul with bliss.

Someone to cherish and trust with all of me. 

Someone to adore and love equally.

Someone to dance with, to get lost in their loving eyes.

Someone to play and rest with without a need for disguise. 

Someone to touch and explore so sweet and tenderly,

who enjoys the gift of giving and receiving intimately.

All this and more is mine this is sure. 

For the lover within me is my lover, my cure. 

She never lets me down, she's always got my back.

Whenever I frown she shows me there is nothing I lack. 

I am Love, Loving itself.

I am Pleasure, Pleasing itself.

I am Trust, Trusting itself.

I am Fulfillment, Fulfilling itself.

I am Prosperity being prosperous.

I am Abundance providing Limitlessness.

I am Joy Enjoying itself.

I am Happiness being happy with itself.

I am Ecstacy being Ecstatic with itself.

I am Acceptance, Accepting itself.

I am Beauty seeing itself. 

I am Adoration, Adoring itself.

I am Encouragement, Encouraging itself.

I am Confidence, confiding in itself. 

I am Satisfaction, Satisfying itself.

I am Expression, Expressing itself. 

I am that I am.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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