She woke up feeling numb

She lay on a bed of cold hard sand

Her head pounding and tearing at the seams 

She could feel the worries of her parents seep into her veins

Her younger sibling, in fact, her only sibling, crying

They were not there with her

But she could feel them, sobbing for her to return to them 

Her soul ached


That's what she'd take with her

She's stranded 

Alone and determined 

As she makes her way to the edge of the shore 

The cold water tickles her feet, making her toes wiggle

The sky is a cruel gray 

The air is crisp and intoxicating

A sharp inhale of breath 

Adrenaline fills her lungs 

The wild sway of her hair as the breeze whips uncontrollably 


That is exactly what she needs in order to get back home 

To be whole again 


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