Sun, 01/19/2014 - 22:32 -- 4kelsea


well, it's a thing,
apathy, unresponsive, submissive, afraid,
and with it hatred,
a lot of self hate, a little phrase they use called: low self esteem,
does this mean I'm broken? the voices in my head scream yes,
and yet I can't bare to accept it!
How can I be so broken, but yet still function?
I mean I am functioning right?
My mom begs to differ, 
maybe I am functioning left,
But what's wrong with functioning left, if you learn to cope,
haven't I learned to cope?
Isn't that how I became so submissive and unresponsive? 
She wants to be able to communicate, 
I imagine that me expressing my feelings in a total breakdown
while she does nothing, but degrades and attacks my mental state
and then grounds me because I try to voice my opinion, doesn't count as "communication",
She threatens to take away the life that I'm okay with losing
by now I am used to oppression
It was how I was raised wasn't it, 
but does that mean I have lost my sanity? or is it just that i never was given the chance to develop one?


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