Sangre Sonica


United States
39° 27' 3.2112" N, 84° 30' 51.9804" W

I can’t live without you

You’ve calmed my nerves,

Survived the doldrums of the ‘burbs

With you


You helped me focus in on my vision

So every state I’ve travelled through,

The highways and skyways,

You are my compass,

Reminding me of who I am

And who I can be


In the times when this depression

Skewed my horizons,

You let me hear the truth

This world is not a cold, dead place (1)

“And I’m reminded every time I see your face

That the joy of my world

Is in… (2)”

The music


So revive the lullabies my father sung,

Find me the lyrics hanging on the tip of my tongue (3),

Give me the ballad surging with the absolute power of love,

Guide me through the history I’m from,

Help me build towers to reach my aspirations


Then take me away (4)

To that far off destination (5)

Where you

And I

Can be


“World alone,

We’re alone” (6)

As long as I’ve got you,

I’m home (7)



Annotations/Credits Where Credit’s Due:

1: Reference to Explosion in the Sky’s album, The Earth is Not a Cold, Dead Place

2: All lines in quotations are lyrics to Lauryn Hill’s “Zion”

3: “Tip of my tongue” is a common phrase, but it’s also a song by The Civil Wars

4: “Take me away” is the last lyric in Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”

5: “Far off destination” is a lyric from Death Cab for Cutie’s “Soul Meets Body”

6: Lyrics from Lorde's song "A World Alone"

7: Last lyric in the song “When You’re Home” from the Broadway musical, In the Heights



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