Thu, 06/06/2013 - 14:06 -- BW289

Sand is on the beach, but no feet will reach it.
Noone will come out to play as the water stretches across the sea.
Silence, utter silence, not even seagulls cry.
How many people are afraid they're gonna die?
Everyone waits for their fate, how much of the news can I take?
"Tremendous" I hear the weatherman say.
What will come after today?
Everyone prepares for this hurricanes feet, but me it will not defeat.
Yes waiting, waiting is what we must do.
But we can survive this me and you.
Nothing can happen that we can't survive for I know the
Almighty is on our side.
We shouldn't worry me and you, pray is what we shall do.
Pray for those unlike me and you, whose maybe last days and hours need him too, those who don't believe in what is true.
So whether Sandy brings destruction or whether this is nothing at all.
God help the people with nothing at all.
I'm not talking about the ones on the street, or the poor or the starving or the boy who got beat, for almost everythings replaceable even your feet.
Anything but your soul, my friends so beware to you all.
If your lives are ending, than you better choose well,
Because the next life after this is Heaven or Hell.


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