Sands of time out of tune


Moments conceived of sporadic gathering
Different to me than to the next.
The sands in the hour glass I didn’t think to look;
You are∞ so strong
It seemed you always held your own.
Selfish not, full of vividity, and eyes large
They told a tale that never ceased to make me laugh
I am ever so thankful for the many memories
Even being able to say good bye
As you walked out my door once more
Physical existence locked in a time
For our hour glasses are just a representation
Of how long our shell walks the line
It is okay now because I saw you on the other side
Another time, a different line
It’s funny how long it took to find the words
But how could I go on without your eulogy?
So to you my friend, run on the green hillside
I saw that castle in the distance
For that plane of existence is a playground your worthy
You now have an endless sea
Sands unconstrained, ceaseless…
7.2.1983- 7.12.2005


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