Sandra Schenning

She’s keeps me sane when my mind is uneasy

Always motivates me to do my best

Never allows me to waiver in times of adversity

Demands me to be different from everyone else

Reels me back to reality when I get too ahead of myself

Accepts all my flaws and all my insanity


She brings light when my world grows dark

Catches my tears me when I’ve fallen

Helps me when I don’t understand

Encourages me to become a better man

Notices when I pretend

Nurtures my sickness and brings me health

Invites my emotions to a better place

Neglects my past to strengthen my future

Gives me hope when I have none


So in a desert, I need Sandra Schenning

She catches my tears

She brings fire into my heart

She provides a breath of fresh air

She helps me get what I desire

Anywhere with her is home


With her I have water

With her I have fire

With her I can get food

With her I have a home

With her I can survive

With her I see no deserted island

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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