Sand Castles


The water and its depth would scare me as a child

I knew the waves could whip me and make me wild

I used to think the ocean was hollow like a shell

And that the monsters in it were secrets I should never tell

So I stayed on the beach

My mom taught me how to build sand castles when I was young

But the grainy towers and withering gates weren’t very strong

The clingy sand stuck to me and beckoned me to stay

So I keep busy building sand castles all day

And I stayed on the beach

Until my sand castles were kingdoms, mighty and tall

But looking out in the sunset, I knew this wasn’t all

The waters were there churning and whispering my name

Telling me stories of when the great sea-god came

Coming closer, the ocean was in my reach

And so then I got off the beach

To explore the ocean and see what I could find

And in this great blue, all I found was peace of mind


This poem is about: 
My family


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