A San Demetrio Summer Tale


Dancing, singing, cooking, drinking, laughing

Watching my fellow friends inhale the smell of homemade pasta

Grimacing at our professors, thinking of all we had discovered together

Admiring their relaxed manner and appreciating their patience

They laugh with us


I stand alone on the balcony looking beyond the yard

I experience the most beautiful site

The Mediterranean style buildings perched up along the mountain

Engulfed by olive trees


The sun begins to set

In a still moment my breath is gone

Life, culture, language, nature

I think to myself about all of the people I met

All I have learned

All I have seen, spoken, touched, tasted, felt-

New and overwhelming but fascinating and exciting

How much this has all taught me

Not only about Italy, but about life

A life driven by hard work

But successful by embracing simplicity and love


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