Samurai Champloo

I walk along side two great beasts

Both so cunning, so deadly

Skilled and strong, they fight in harmony


On my left, a fiery demon trots

He holds his blade in between his fists 

Branded ankles and bond wrists


To my right, a silent spector 

His steel moves too fast to feel 

So cold to all, but all do kneel


I have no lead nor muzzle

They are not mine or tame

But travel with me, and call me by name


With the flip of a coin 

We treck the land in seach of my loss

So much for that coin toss


All those dead along the way 

Its a blood bath to the very end

But who is my enemy, who is my friend?


When I find him, do I get to live

Its too soon to tell with these two beside me

After all its the samurai's journey

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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