The Same

A love so dangerous

Every move is the wrong one

Whatever became of us?

Look at what he’s done


“I’m gonna marry that girl,” he said.

We played our cards, laid out bets.

Then the strain proved too great.

Now all I face is regret,

Because I followed where he led.


I kept my word,

But he proved to be a coward.

Now I’ll never be the same.

Yet he’ll never take the blame.


What to do when your love will never be returned?

Cry in the shadows, he’ll watch you burn

Gather your ashes, try to forget the love he spurned.

Observe your mistakes, try to learn.


He said I was what he needed.

I more than proved my worth,

But he just wanted mirth.

In the end it was just a game,

So he cheated.

But I’ll never be the same.

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