The Same



We buckle our shoes.

Three, four

We walk out the door

Five, six

We reminsce 

Seven, eight

It's getting late

Nine, ten

We do it again

Open your eyes

The world in disguise

Look in the mirror

Everything's clear

You're leading my life

Running out of time

I want in

Your lovely sin

Don't you know

This is my show

I'm the concepted

You're my reflection

Doesn't it suck 

When your counter-part

Steps out of the mirror

And into your heart?

She sees everything

Through your eyes

She told everyone

All those lies

She's spreading rumors 

Of who you've fucked

She's queen bitch

You're just... not

You claim you didn't do it

You claim you had no part

But your counter-part knows better

She's been there from the start

You two are the same

You live in the same body

You and her are stuck together

She's the one who's naughty

Darling smile for me

And show me what you've got

You can't kill your reflection

Unless you're the one who's knocked


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