The Same



The people of America, who fought for

Liberty, Freedom, and Equality,

Continue to live in a world full of discrimination.


You sure?”

You may ask.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Is what any


Individual may like me would say. The biggest hate though,

Is aimed at the homosexual and bisexual.

To question yourself, your being, what makes you YOU,


To try and fit into a society that will continue to judge

Because of your preference is heartbreaking.

Going through each passing day not knowing if


People who you’re so close to

Will slowly or abruptly remove themselves from your life

For the sole reason of not being the



Jennifer Chor

No one should have to live a single day of their life in the dark. No one should be required to change for the sole purpose of making someone else happy.

If someone won't accept you the way you are, they probably aren't worth keeping.

Because YOU are one unique individual in this vast world, and there will always be someone else who WILL accept you. 


What a beautiful, moving format! Thank you for this. I love it!


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