Salud, Lobo!

After they graduated from high school

And moved out of their parents' house,

Cerdo brothers, Esteban, Rico, and Benny

Set out to build their own house

They built it out of hay, but then Lobo, the wolf who lived nearby,

Sneezed the house away

Up in the sky it went

That bright yellow tent

All the way up tp Heaven where angels are sent

When the Cerdo brothers glared at Lobo, 

He shrugged and said, "Sorry, hay gives me hay fever."

So the Cerdos built another house

Out of twigs and sticks

But then Lobo began to sniff

And he wheezed and wheezed with all his might

Finally, he sneezed the house out of sight

When the Cerdos sucked their teeth and looked cross,

Lobo dabbed his nose and said, "I apologize, I'm highly allergic to moss."

So for the rest of the day

The Cerdo brothers tried to build a house 

In each possible way

They tried each material in the book

Vines, grass, wood, anything they could find in a crook

But everytime they built and built

Lobo sneezed, and the house would wilt

When the Cerdos collapsed and wailed, "Aye-yi-yi,"

Lobo frowned, shook his head, and said,

"Gee, I guess I'm allergic to everything. Sorry, guys."

Suddenly, out of frustration, Benny scooped some mud off the ground

And threw it in Lobo's face

He yelled, "Why don't you cover your mouth and stop sneezing all over the place?"

Wiping the mud off his face, Lobo gave Benny a smirk

He replied, "I'm sorry I keep on wrecking houses, but you don't have to be such a jerk!"

Before Benny and Lobo could fight any further, 

Rico exclaimed, "Hey, Lobo, you're not sneezing!

We can use mud to build our house!"

Lobo, Benny, and Esteban rolled on the ground and laughed

Esteban giggled, "Benny, my bud, it is far too impossible to build a house out of mud."

Benny replied, "Of course not, silly. We'll use the mud to make bricks."

So the four of them went to work

On shaping the mud into bricks

Then they left them out in the sun

When they were dry, they built the house

And painted it until it looked as pretty as a blouse

After they were done, the Cerdos said,

"Let's go inside and have ourselves some fun."

Then they looked at Lobo and said,

"Why don't you come live with us? You've been a great help,

And by staying here, you'll be safe from your allergens."

Lobo smiled and gushed, "Thanks, I would love to live with you!

We'll be the best of roomates, and the best of friends, too!"

And the four of them lived happily ever after. 



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