Salt and Pepper

The world is full of people


And crazy.

We are the sane


Who established justice

Across the land

And gave peace and equality.

We are the sane


Who placed men into labor

And whipped their lives

With more than just scalding words and

We threatened the insane with

Death and degradation.

There is food which needs salt

And that which needs pepper

But none which allows both

To exist together.

We pour salt on our eggs or our

Meat or our corn.

We mix it in soups

And cakes and on things

You might not even think it belongs

Because we can.


We are the sane ones

And if pepper ever tried to take

The place of salt

We screamed and cried out

That the insane could not

Become sane

No matter how hard they tried

And we threw them into prisons

Compiling all the crazies into one place

So they could not infect the sane

And yet more came out and

Called for justice

And those, too, we

Threw behind iron bars,

Safely locked away.


We are the sane ones

That put away all the crazies

Or are we?

So many times have we chanted to ourselves

That word which let us save ourselves

From what we’d become.


We are not.

So instead of locking away all those deemed insane,

It is really those that are not

And behind those iron bars

They are safely tucked away.

Away from all the sane people outside

And if they on the inside are actually insane

Then it is because they are the only ones

Who dared to cry out for justice In forbidden ways

Knowing that they would be thrown behind

The iron bars

And maybe, out of the few of


Who thought ourselves to be the sane ones,

Kept them there to protect them from

All the crazies on the outside

Until the day when we became

Salt AND Pepper.

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