The Salem Witch Trials


The girl steps forward

Golden hair and emerald green eyes

Skin as pure as her soul

She knows now what she has to do


The girl walks down the aisle

Her clothing as black as her thoughts

Her eyes downcast, not so green now

She steps up to the podium, oblivious to the stares


The girl opens her gloved hands

And twists her wrists so her sleeves fall

The stares grow hard

Who does she think she is?


The Devil steps up to her right

Whispers in her ear

Senuous, all emcompassing

She raises her hands higher


An angel steps out from the crowd

And points a bony finger at her

No, not an angel

But to them, a saviour


The girl notices the bones under the light

But keeps her hands held high

Her lip quivers

But she knows it has to be done


The angel grabs another girl

A small, slight thing

With raven hair

The little girl screams and writhes


The Devil gives the green-eyed girl a somber look

Then he motions to the angel

Who tosses aside the little one

To condemn the one who has done no wrong


The green-eyed girl accepts her fate

A noose and tree are shown to her

She doesn't waver

After all, she's met with worst


Her eyes downcast as the angel drops the rope

It tightens around her neck

But to her it is salvation

After all, she had marks on her wrists


The Devil tells her it's not too late

She could admit her sins

The green-eyed girl turns her gaze

And tells him to make it tighter


The Darcy Perspective

This poem was inspired by The Crucible, and is for everyone who has ever felt wronged.

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