The Sailor, Maiden, and Siren

She lured you in just as sirens drag sailors into the sea 


Then you, you fell into her trap, lovesick with glowing eyes, a feathery smile, and trembling knees 


you felt as though she was your world


As if there were no other girl 


But she, she found another victim to seize 


And you, you just lay there, with your empty eyes, somber smile, and trembling knees


Filled with anger, you,you stomped along 


Wondering, how could you ever be tranced with a song 


Your very own weapon, how could that be? 


You thought that you ruled the seas


So along you went, with disgust and resent 


Regretting that distasteful siren that was sent 


Time went on, and you met the Siren again


This time, she's hoping that you'll just be friends 


So you nod in agreement, happy amends have met 


The deal is on, and your friendship is set 


But You have a new maiden, that you love and adore 


And that siren friend of yours, treats her like a sore 


The siren, with evil, she scowls at her grace 


And in the beginning, your maiden does nothing but laugh at her face 


Joyous and carefree you and your maiden make love 


Oh, but look, what's that up above ?


It's the siren, of course, as she screeches her tune


Her filthy wings and ragged nails cover the light of the moon 


Your maiden beloved, she shrivels in pain 


While you, young sailor float down the wrong lane 


Back to the siren that you twice adored 


Now you'll merely be another collection of her hoard


You see, young sailor, open your eyes 


When your maiden loves you well, take no siren for disguise


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