The Sailor and the Mermaid

This pounding in my chest is from the beating of my heart. 

Clique and already said but to be honest I've never fallen this hard. 

I've forgotten how to let go and simply how breathe. 

Just because i allready know how hard it  is. so my mind is far from eased. 


The things he tells me warms my cheeks. The words that I've only read with my eyes. 

Has me wanting more, hungry and fully hypnotized. 

I've sunken deep, lost at sea. Looking for my sailor

But I've lost the battle of sanity, drowned in all of my failure. 


See every waking moment I'd fantasize about what id do with you. 

How I'd first touch you, looking in your eyes, anything i could do. 

These hours, days and nights were all spent asleep and dreaming. 

I wanted you so bad, like the blind waiting for seeing 


I've drowned in sorrow. My heart was stopped. 

Yet I'm not giving up. 

This mermaid knows what she wants

To watch with her sailor from when then sunsets and comes up 


The boy that will hush every fear in her mind. 

One who is true and didn't have a need to hide. 

Opened himself up and invited me in to sit and talk

I've decided I'd sit forever with him until i forgot how to walk


I've awoken from this dream in almost every way. 

Love, fear, & happiness. No matter what, i realize i cant make him stay. 

My chin is pointed up, to the our big beautiful sky. 

Looking up and forward. 

Maybe one day i'll be caught by my sailor guy. 








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