Sail Away With Me



Sail with me through the universe and we'll ride the velvet skies.

We'll jump the rings of jupiter.

Just take my hand darling and we'll fly away.

Our hair shining in star dust and our lungs clear with the dark night.

We'll fly right out of this world, into the next, and the one after that.

Our tears will dissolve in the atmosphere.

And our smiles will shine brighter then the sun.

We'll fly out of this dying world and land on a new one.

Where Lilly’s bloom all day, and the sun shines at night.

We'll sing to the sky's and dance to a different beat.

The stars will rain down on us.

And there won't be a cloud in the sky.

We'll have the memories of a foreign world, long forgotten.

Soon replaced with times fit for a fairy tale.

We will move at the speed of light and fly through the tree's.

Just take off with me and we'll sail the endless night and eternal day.

Fly with me and we'll burst through the clouds and land on the moon.

We'll walk to the dark side, and explore the unthinkable.

How does that sound to you?

Just come with me.

We will do the unbelievable.

Our eyes will sparkle with the stars and we will float into the endless abyss.

All worries forgotten.

All troubles left behind, leave your fears in the dust, and chase your dreams at full speed.

Just sail the wavelengths of the moon, and bask in the light.

We'll go to our magic world, and float above the sea.

We'll float over the hole in the water.

We'll fall into the light and leave the dark parts behind.

We'll free fall into space and let gravity run it's course.

Just our hands intertwined.

Our hearts beating fast.

We sail down and crash on the hard ground.

We open our eyes and see the cold reality.

Free of the fog of dreams.


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