Safely Trapped

I look around at the glass walls surrounding me

I see them and I wonder what's beyond,

Trapped would be a word that comes to her mind.

But maybe it's safer in my box.


The glass encloses all around me

Through the glass I see darkness

And nothing but.


I cough

Poison sprays from the vents on the roof of by box

I wonder if the glass is black or the world outside

I cough again.


I put presure on my glass, half wanting it to shatter

Something inside holds me back

My arm won't press hard enough.


Poison continues to pour in around me,

But this poison doesn't appear to be deadly poison.


I'm in my box and I know where I am

I think about outside these glass walls,

Something in me begins to form

But just as instantly it's gone.


The poison is surrounding me and I cough,

But cough is all I do.


The glass keeps me in with the poison

But appears also to keep out the nothing beyond my glass.


I put pressure on the glass

And again my arm stops short from cracking my walls

I sit down in my box,

And cough.


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