Safe Space

My room is my sanctuary a place I can go to hideWhen im hiding from my demons because they know that im aliveMy room is my safe space a place I call my own A place I go when everythings turned left and i feel all aloneA place I cry my tears and a place I dry my eyes A place thats dear to me in spirit even a place i've tried to die My sanctionary and palace and I'd love for you to come and stay I invite you into this santuary and I hope I don't scare you awayYou remind me a bit of my room a calm place to run to dry my eyes A person who comforts me with warm arms instead of blankets used as disguiseYou mean the world to me so you remind me of my favorite spaceWe don't have to go anywhere today just let our minds take us to a placeYou are my safe space a person I call my own You help me when everythings turned left and I feel all alone So I hope you let me do the same for you Let my arms bring comforts to your skies The places I wanna run with you to we can go with our minds. 

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