Sad Symbol

Wed, 02/01/2012 - 15:48 -- poet

I’m a princess in a tower that spirals down into the city
with nothing but a window, nothing but sunlight
illuminating shadows that appear in my dreams.
I am a mistress in the sheets without a shame in the world of what has become,
I am the pills that he took and I rubbed off from slumber.
I am the nails on his coffin door being rolled into the six foot hole as the rain washes away the tears from his loved one.
I am the tombstone on his grave that gives away his identity as his body rots away.



The use of the word "spiral" in the first sentence serves to set the tone of the poem, because the poem goes from using words which describe light images to spiraling down to using words describing dark images, and this is an excellent writing technique that you have used.


"I am the pills that he took and I rubbed off from slumber." This line speaks to me more than the rest of the piece, it basically summarizes the entire poem while simultaneously preparing for the next few lines. Very good work.

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