S on my chest

Trans woman so powerful,

All my sisters collateral. 

Never go on sabbatical,

Cause the change could be radical. 

I keep a s on my chest like a tat on me,

I’m Empathy, not apathy.

Make history so magically, 

Unicorns need no strategy.

Opening doors sporadically,

Universe in a panic.

Free the Captives from captivity.

Slaves that can’t be saved,

They in a constant state of misery.

Stay away from me,

Cause I don’t need no negativity.

I told you this before I’m majesty,

I’m not your enemy.

The only time I sweat,

is running up a check,

That’s simply.

Never have regets,

And be careful of keeping company.

Remember that the test,

Is Greed, lust, pride, and gluttony. 

So stay lowkey, not phony

cause Goddess does not like ug-a-ly





Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

Stunning! You have a way with words that impacts. The word choices and rhymes are sheer poetry... I like the spoken word style, this would definitely leave an audience wowed if delivered from a stage... but it is so powerful, it works on the page too!


I have been writing my whole life so this means so much to me...my rhymes all come like a waterfall they just flow and I just given them meaning thru interpretation your a beautiful soul 🔥❤️💯

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