Rush. Flutter. Bubble.Love.

From the moment I saw you, my whole world stopped. 

My heart quite literally dropped. 

It rushed. 

It fluttered. 

Those butterflies bubbled in my chest. 

Rush. Flutter. Bubble 

Rush. Flutter. Bubble. 

I remember walking up to you that first time, wiping my sweaty palms against my cool jeans. 

"Will you go out with me?" I asked. 

You smiled shyly, a slight blush grazing your cheeks. 

Date after date, I felt elate. 

Weeks turned to months, and look at us now. 

We talk. 

We laugh. 

We smile. 

There's never a dull moment. 

Late at night, as I drift off to sleep,  

Your name pops up on my phone 

"You make it home okay?" 


"Sweet dreams." 

I smile at the message. 

Is love real? 

Well, it must be true: 

Because I love you. 



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