runaway lovers

Let's get lost. Get in the car and drive until the buildings no longer look familiar. We can sing along to our favorite songs, ones we're embarrassed about knowing all the words to, but then scream them at the top of our lungs. It's so hard for me to pay attention to the road when you are in the passenger seat beside me; the lights of the city illuminating your face in just the right places, your hair blowing gently in the cool breeze of the autumn night. You are a vision, unlike anything I've ever seen and the times when I want to kiss you are the most inappropriate times. So I just settle for tracing your lips with my eyes, inhaling your laughter like it's the only thing keeping me alive. We might not last forever, but I'm a writer and I will write you down in ink on this heart so that no matter where we end up, I'll never forget you.


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