Run Rhino Run

Run Rhino Run

Let your thundering stomp

  reverberate  among the mountains

Echoing your heartbeat

 like an angry African drum


Run, run far from the plunder

Or perish and be torn asunder.

Run, run, far from the stone hearted men with their rifles and guns.

Run. Run, runaway, run-away far, Across the Savannah,

beyond the furthest peaks and crags

Beyond the far-flung

 valleys and the hills


Far from the stench of money

Away from human sins and ills

They daily come to plague you,

 ache you, hunt you, haunt you,

taunt you, daunt you,

Run Run away ,surely you want to



Far far from those whose deeply frozen hearts

Measure your value by  your body parts,

And in their gain

subsisting in your pain,

They know not that they

sell themselves,

their souls are sold,

Only For your horn. more prized than gold.


Run, Rhino Run !!

Flee far away,

Run far beyond the furthest hills.

There are greener fields in which to play,

Run to where no human greed,can ever leave you so

 to die alone

And slowly bleed,


Run to where your calf can roam,

Far from any human home

Run to where humanUNkind

Is the furthest from your mind.


Run run far, fly, flee , far

From this world,


Run, far away, far from these greedy men,


Fly to the stars,to the immortal realm from whence

Your timeless  spirit came,

And never-ever look back again



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