Run The Good Race

Run The Good Race

Sometimes we must lose in order to win
The unending challenge evading sin
God's in his heaven
All's well with the world

As long as we keep our flag unfurled
Charging on pon steed so sleek
Into battle, to combat the weak flaws in our nature
The covetous streak

God's on our side, he won't even chide
As we're thrown from horse and land flat on our face
The Midas touch gone, have we lost the race ?
Yet, laying there in the mud and slime

The sun shines its brightest
I look upward and find my mount didn't desert me he's there pawing the ground...
Nostrils flare twitching and with barely a sound trots to my side

in the saddle I'm bound...
With a leap, a whoop and a feeling of joy
The race isn't lost if I pay the cost
Hoofs beneath me scoop and flail the dust

Black coat shines with the sweat and strain
We rejoin the troop as I muse
Holding fast to my morals clutching the rein
Recalling past failures

Recalling the pain
Man can't go it alone if he hasn't a friend
And the day waxes dim as we gallop along
Where the earth and sky merge at the rim

God is my friend, I will trust in him

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