Run Away With Me Into Space

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 23:37 -- zink378


This world is ugly, this much I do know

We need some place new far away out there

With your hand intertwined in mine let's go

They may hate us, but they do not compare

With us racing across the stars so fair

Blazing across the universe and Mars

From planet to planet with out a care

Love where we are going we don't need cars

So let's steal a ship and travel across the stars.


They won't let us go, they won't let us be

Let us fight them off with a lazer blade

They can come and try but soon they will see

That if we dont stop, our love won't fade.

Leave them in the cosmic dust that we made

Together we will put up a force field

To protect us from their jealus charade.

An undying force, the power we wield

Keeps us safe through the fire, it will be our shield.


Come with me and fly away into space;

Buckle in, it's going to be a ride.

Across the stars, it's an eternal race

In your heart my feelings i will confide.

Flying past the stars we endlessly stride

into the unknow, the final frontier.

We will fight on love, we don't have to hide;

Run away with me, I'm being sincere.

This ship won't blast off untill you are with me here.


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