My time left dwindles

I have to escape

Escape what’s coming

Hit the ground running

From my past

From the future

From myself

I’ve got a lot of running to do

But it seems I’m also running from you

And the risk that you’ll find out

What no one’s supposed to know about

That something that I saw

That shouldn’t have been seen

The secret that was kept

Through an excessive routine

To make sure no one knew

But I saw it anyway

It was no more than a mistake

But the past cannot be undone

It's a game of give and take

That can't ever be won

So I find myself fleeing the scene

Where I committed no crime

The implications unforeseen

Or changing like the flip of a dime

A life changing event

That I’ll never forget

Always in the back of my mind

The table of life was nicely set

Until the tablecloth was ripped from underneath

And everything I once had was lost

Including my last shreds of dignity

Like the fingers of a winter frost

Killing all the flowers in the vicinity

So now I run

I run to where I can be free


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