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Run.Run. How Far…
How far till it’s there
Until the destination is reached
Run. Run. Heart beat in your ears
Endorphins drown your brain
Body feels weightless
Run. Run. The soles of your feet
They move in sync with you
Your mind feels so free
Run. Run. But what from?
From battered lifestyles?
From effects of the drugs?
The ones they force
Claiming that it will help
Your thoughts are off course
You have created your own cell
From anger, from resentment?
To where and how far?
Run. Run. Lord keep me going.
Keep me driven
Keep me lost in true moments
Run. Run. It doesn’t solve it.
It follows you everywhere
Everywhere you go, you breath
You are right on the tip
Fighting against it all, you just want to leave
Starring at that cup, one more sip
Run. Run. Before it’s all gone
Before there is no more
Before all that’s left of you is a song
Before opportunity closes its doors.
Run. Run. How Far..


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i like the idea of run, run and connecting to something with meaning

question will always be what are people running to? running from?

answer lies within them

poem demonstrates those questions and answers from your perspective

keep writing-good poem and build your foundation

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