On earth rules a king
Though higher than sleep,
Takes the same wing;
Sending humans deep
With its dizzying ring.

Majestically he walks the earth
With his name horned as death
Standing with all from birth;
Even with great wealth,
From him one can not sheath.

He keeps all men in sight
No segregation of the dull and bright.
Proudly he makes all even
To where they are driven-
A place of no light.

He collaborates with the ground
Aiding sapiens complete their round,
Even all that walks with pride,
On this horse they surely shall ride.
Behind this door all certainly shall hide.

On his road all shall walk
With its stripes design with rock.
Though we go on and talk,
Its visit gives a sounding shock.
Oh Mighty king! Ruler of all men,
A friendly king we all dread.
Your visit portends evil omen.

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