Royal Flush

"Give the Black man crack, glocks and things, give the Red Man craps, slot machines"

-Lupe Fiasco

When the very fabric of your life is ever so ominously hanging in the imbalance you become a tailor and sew it's seams or so it seems. 3 out of 5 citizens are only subject to that same fraction of sustenance. Umi says that in order 2 be free, we must know to breakdown hydrogen I tried to tell her I'm not the 1, my fires don't take much oxygen to burn for eternity on the mantle of Hathi's tusk, melting into pools of Bagheera's hide. Disrupting the cool of your world. The RAPture's gotta be coming any day now. I mean, in search for reason to war, we crusade over the shimmering azure of this marble. Your only worth as much as your rationed cousin it's like that for a reason. Cuz I wanna see you bleed. make you witness the rape of the place you were raised in. Come up outta that vineyard boy, you not a grape, you's a raisin. In court, go ahead and show the judge your ribs he's about 75% of your composition anyway. Nahhhh my G, that there is a divine crime what is primordial, is also mine. Look y'all! We ain't gotta "smoke 'em out" no more they can't conjure enough FLUid to make a reaction. Let us watch the show. And don't forget to turn on the sprinklers.

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Our world
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