Rowan Faine: My Sweet Angel

Rowan Faine

Oh,  what a beautiful name...

Dark Brown Skin

Oh, how it glows and gleams...

The Sweetest Smell

Oh, how good you smell...

The sweet smell of your nectar that flows in your body

I would love to taste you...

But only if you let me

The soothing sound of your heart beating

Oh, how much I love that sound

I would love to feel your warmth against my cold

I want to keep you as mine

I want to taste you so bad

I want to drain you

I want to kill you

But I'll hold back for you

I'll kiss your warm lips

I'll caress your thick thighs and hips

I'll touch you so softly

But I'll be rough if you ask me to

I'll make love to you

All you have to do is be mine

Be mine, my sweet angel.....


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