Thu, 11/05/2015 - 22:33 -- Abby964

Breathe in, breathe outIf I close my eyes they won't get me!Open, check left or right,So far they haven't noticed me! I take my tiny feet and walk across the room I make sure I make no sound so I could get there soon But midway I am caught and thrown into the rushing waves of arguingWhere I drown in a sea where the words are tangling And they wrap themselves around my wrists and ankles And a part of me wants to let loose the anger! But I let the whole commotion bring me downAnd float there  quietly and calmly until there is no sound And once the waves are settled, I rush back to the room And remember the words that were able to come through All little sparks that don't catch flame Yet there tiny glow is still there with no shame As if it is normal to be called all these names! So at last I crouch down to the ground and hug my knees Just letting the words sink in meBut apart of me wishes to get up and stand before the mirror and hope that what they say is wrong The words in my head make no sense They're all scattered in an exaggerated mess So I slowly close my eyes And breathe in and breathe out I open them up and look to my left and right I see nothing in my sight So I let my hands drop and allow myself to relaxAnd realize I was able to calmly react And as I go to bed to run away The smooth edge of a new word appears in my head And as I say this word out loud I smile Cause I didn't have to walk or run so many miles To prove that they were wrong I know who I am...I know i am STRONG! 

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