Rough Tides

The beach seemed still as a crowd soon arrived 

to tan on the beach and wade in the tides

they searched for lost shells and played in the sand

they buried their friends and held crabs in their hands

I saw the joy in their eyes as they played

But my feet were stones in the sand where they stayed

I wanted to run, but the ocean was calling

I watched the rhythm of waves rising and falling

I took my first step toward the water ahead

the wind hit my face and made me long for my bed

my toes touched the sea and sent a chill through my bones 

I looked to my right and saw people on phones

how are they not immersed in the sky?

taken aback by the birds as they fly?

I knew it was time to overcome all my fear

I dived in the sea off the edge of the pier

I started to sink and the tides grabbed my leg

it pulled at my body and it started to beg

it begged me to leave this world of today

so I let go of life and was whisked far away.

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