Rough Justice

You use racism as a mask to hide your inner desires.

The sheep herders are just liars, but you choose to ignore it.

This looks like rough justice, I need some solace

in this time of distress, riots got me on edge.

So tell my why do you choose to "honor" the fallen and

avenge your own through the rising of embers.

Loot, riot, destroy, call it a protest it's the easiest way

to carry out your ploy knowing that some will carress your

actions and blindly defend you,

The ones that don't are labeled your enemies,

How is this equality, you  say hate caused it,

but as you reciprocate it your awarded with merit.

Through these actions I see a weak excuse for exploiting


No one is out to get you, and statistically speaking

you're killing yourselves.

Oh no I said it, racist! Racist! Damn me to hell!

We can all see through this false sense of terror,

thousands gather to protest,

not blaming the one who actually caused all this.


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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