Roses are red and my name is Prosper


Romeoville, IL
370 zinnia drive
United States
41° 36' 38.4012" N, 88° 8' 37.77" W

Roses are red, my skin is brown,

My name is Prosper; I'm the only one in town.

I also play football, and run the track,

I am  a top ten student, and that is a fact.


It isn't hard to maintain this for long,

It is very easy; like singing a song.


It's very simple and now you can see.


I have always been bright,

And have the desire to suceed.

But this came with a fight,

Including a goal with a need.


I want to go to college,

Happy and debt free,

So I decided to play football,

But that didn't come without a fee.


My parents have always been there for me,

To support me, guide me, help me.

But now I am going to college,

Who is going to house me, feed me, and clothe me?


I don't have a stack of cash or a fancy IPad,

My dad is out there driving a yellow taxi cab,

We barely have enough money for me to play a sport,

But you can call me if you need a ride to an airport.


Going to a decent college isn't going to be impossible for me,

But if I rely on my parents alone, then it might be.

However, I will do whatever it takes to earn the trip.

From football to making poems; anything that will get me this scholarship!


And when I do earn it, I will tell the story,

The day I earned this scholarship, I was elated and gave God the glory!




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