Roses are Red...

Roses are Red, Violets are Bue.  Were it not true that whilst the rain poured down the flowers would not fade, or if the winds were to blow would others flail whilst the color remain.  If such a color of a flower could contain such total resolve would that not be true with love or care, or is that affection that we have experienced such of unnatural cause that it can never hope to compete with that identity of a flower.  Perhaps if one thing is seen more beautiful than a rose or violet it is merely something doomed to fade, something so rare that one can not hope to contain its radiance.  But why, were we not meant to love like flowers were meant to grow, and if we were not then why do such feelings exist, is it some cruel justice that some force has forsaken us to?  Perhaps it is just nature, the will of nature to maintain it's resolve and thus keep lilys yellow and love grey.  Thus I give my love a rose, and a violet and a lily, to never fade when the cause for so has.


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