Rose Petals


Rose Petals


A Flame Sparked,

A New Life Begins To Burn,

My Heart Ignites Into A Rose Petal Red,

An Infinite Love,

Like That Of Dove White Stars,

Scattered Amongst The Midnight Skies,

You Mean The World To Me.

The Gift Of Love, Is The Greatest Gift,

A Gift From God, Heartbeats From Heaven, A Love So . . .



A Love Knot, Tied By Fate,

But Still I Tripped Then I Fell In Love,

My Face First I Couldn't Help It ,

But You, You Are My Soft Spot,

Lucky Me.

You Are My Soft Spot.


I Was Not Searching For Love,

But Love Found Me.

I Was Never Good, At Hide And Seek.

You, Are The Beat To My Heart,

And These 808's, They Create,

The Perfect Harmony,

I'm Tuned In, Our Eyes Lock.

Tunnel Vision.

I Find Myself Cocooned By Beauty,

And The Butterflies Still Flutter,


Love Floats Across My Mind,

Thoughts Of You Bring Joy,

Your Presence Brings A Euphoric Blanket,

It’s Heart Warming,

Even On The Coldest Days,

The Icebox I Once Had Melted,

The Puddle Shined Your Reflection,

So Finally I Have Love Inside My Heart,

You Showed Me How To Love,

And My Heart Blossomed,

It Grew Into A Beautiful Rose,

It's A Beautiful Love.

All Inspired,

By A Gorgeous Girl.

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