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United States
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The scenery of the land passes by as I look blankly out the window.
Black and white, white and black but never together in the scenario.
It is as if the outside moved itself inside this seperated bus.
If a white wanted your seat, not one person would fus.
But that all has to change, we all have to unite.
This world is one place, full of different colors, not just the color white.
No race above and no race below.
Civil rights and intergration is what we have to show.
As these thoughts swirl in my head, stuck in this world of mine, a voice tells me to move.
I gather my thoughts to come back to reality thinking, how rude.
I decline what was told of me, not even asked by the way.
Heads turn in my direction, looking as if they had something to say.
I look up at him, not budging at all.
This is the start of the movement, this is the start of it all.
The bus driver is yelling, screaming for me to get up.
I say no, thinking what trouble have I stirred up.
Being forced and arrested may seem to be the worst,
But knowing I did something right, the first, of many.

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