Rosa Parks and The Montgomery Bus Boycott

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Rosa boarded a Montgomery bus one December afternoon
Paid for the ride in the front and walked towards the back,
Seeing there were no seats, she returned to the front.
She took her seat in the “white” section of the bus,
A white man thought he had more right than her to sit in that seat,
She saw no difference in the two of them but the color of their skin
She stood up to the man and said she had the same rights to the seat as he did,
The bus stopped, everyone stopped to listen to the dispute that was happening
She was thrown off the bus, because she had refused to give up her seat
Rosa was brave for standing up for what she believed,
She changed how blacks were seen by others.
By her simple action she started the idea that black people have the same rights as everyone else.
All people, no matter what color, size, shape or nationality are created

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Rosa Parks did not sit in the "White only" section of the bus. Rosa followed the law and decided to take a seat in the "Colored Only" section of the bus. She sat on the first row of the 10 rows available for blacks. Alongside her were 3 other black women.

When the white man entered the bus, he saw that there weren't any available seats left for white passengers. James F. Blake, the bus driver, became aware of the situation and confronted Rosa. He instructed Mrs. Parks to get out of her seat so that the white male passenger would have a seat for himself. Rosa refused to move and this sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Rosa was not the only African American to refuse to give up their seat and sent to jail. Rosa was the only one to have her story become famous across the nation so quickly just because of who she was.

This is the correct story. Rosa did not sit in the front of the bus. She did indeed sit in the back where she was supposed to. She sat in the first row of the "Colored" section. Several people were taught her story incorrectly! Ask yourself this question... "If Rosa sat in the front of the bus in the 'White Only' section, why didn't anyone tell her to move to the colored section before the white man entered the bus and needed a seat?"

Please spread the correct story.

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