Throw me some rope,

I’m coming loose.

I’m calling for you.

Give me some hope,

I can’t deduce,

why I can’t pull through.

How can I cope,

withstand abuse,

without you in view?

Grace me with rope,

put it to use,

and save me won’t you?


I’m drowning, please hear my plea.

Thought I’d save my breath for you.

Thrown overboard, out to sea,

the ship is leaving my view.

I thought we came to agree,

you said you’d always come through.

You’re one of the less than three

saviours that would pull me through.

Oh please, shed some light on me,

as darkness is all I knew.

Searching for rope to save me,

and I’m asking “where are you?”


Cast me some rope,

no damn excuse,

I need this from you.

Spare me the hope,

won’t be of use,

I know it’s not true.

I don’t want to cope,

can’t take misuse,

as you’re all I knew.

Grace me with rope,

tie me a noose,

and hang me onto.

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