“Don’t forget your roots,”
They always say.
“Don’t forget your roots.”
The great oak always continues to grow
as long as its roots are growing,
but as its trunk is growing significantly
its roots can barely keep up.
They say strong trees come from strong roots
But on that reasoning weak trees come from weak roots.
A tree does not live on water, sunlight, and air
But on how it uses the water, the sunlight, and the air.
What if a tree’s roots kills it instead?
Does it really die?
For even if its roots kill it, its body will continue to stand.
For a dead tree still lives as long as it stands.
And what are we to call a living oak tree from
dead roots but a miracle.
All I have to say to them is:
“Don’t forget your roots.”

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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