My shadow's a Sequoyah, so tall and big,

But I'm just a twig.

It's branches extend,

While mine just bend.

Trunk kept erect by skinny roots,

Body kept standing by fragile shoots.

It's glory undaunted,

My growth, stunted.

Leaves that reach to the sky,

I can't even look straight at a guy.

Not so complex function,

I'm just a useless obstruction.

Bathes in the sun,

While I'd rather have none.

Strong and roughly textured,

I'm frail and withered.

It's finger caress clouds,

I lose my bearings in crowds.

Continues to grow above the rest,

My body's done its best.

Has no reason to fly,

I'm afraid to but I don't know why.

Looks down on its inhabitants,

I don't even fit in these pants.

Wears a green and gold crown,

While I just sit here feeling down.

From within it, a mockingbird calls,

I take daily stumbles and falls.

The sound it makes when it's chopped down increases,

I just fall to    p  i

                             e        c



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